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In 2010 we adopted the name Potamogeton Press for some leaflets and books.

Products so far include various mistletoe-related books and leaflets, including A Little Book About Mistletoe and the Planting Guide included in the English Mistletoe Shop's Grow-Your-Own Mistletoe Kit

Some of this publishing has involved print-on-demand methodologies and we are actively pursuing some other PoD and e-book projects - more news on those soon.

Recently we have begun using the name as branding for a new series of websites - client websites will be re-branded when appropriate. For more on websites click visit our website page.

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A Little Book About Mistletoe

Everything you wanted to know about mistletoe, in a full colour guide! UK-based mistletoe expert Jonathan Briggs explains what mistletoe is, and why it has such a unusual place in tradition, myth and legend, especially at Christmas.

The book majors on the classic mistletoe of Europe, the only one with traditions stretching way back into prehistory. Other mistletoes around the world get a mention too, but this is really a celebration of the real thing, the true mistletoe of legend. Not sure which mistletoe you use at Christmas? Buy this book and find out more about it. Or buy it as a gift – mistletoe is the ultimate in romantic plants!

In large format (quarto-size, 19 by 24cm) and 32 pages the book's contents include: What is Mistletoe? : Where does it grow? : Ancient Traditions : Modern Traditions : Mistletoe Harvest : Where do you get yours? : Mistletoe Events : Mistletoe Decorative Art : Mistletoe Medicine : Mistletoe Wildlife : Conserving Mistletoe : Controlling Mistletoe : Growing Your Own.

Available from the English Mistletoe Shop or direct from Amazon


Kindle Book of Mistletoe

A Kindle edition of A Little Book About Mistletoe is now (from November 2013) available from Amazon.

It is an updated and entirely re-formatted version of the original paperback book, which is now also available from Amazon.






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